Hey guys. Some of you are probably wondering what's going on, and who I am, and well I will explain all of this here. We weren't planning on making a post about it until we were done, but some of you guys are thinking we have forgotten about the network since we haven't made any posts, but that is not the case, so we're going to tell you guys what's going on now.

To start this off, As some of you know, The Ingot Network has purchased Xenarch a few months back and since then we've been working on non-public updates to add in when we're finished (About the downtime, we have temporary downtimes to finish some updates, but the server will not go down longer than a few hours, if it does, we will now tell you guys here). Again, we've been holding back on making posts so we can do everything in one big update, with new servers and huge revamps of your current ones, so we can get everything rolling at one time. We have huge plans for Xenarch, and when we're done you'll see that we have definitely not forgotten about Xenarch. Our main plans include revamping the current servers, and adding two custom servers to the network, which are Mithril Madness (Custom Factions) and Superhero Smashdown (A custom KitPvP server, based around superheros). These were originally exclusive to The Ingot Network, but we have decided to make them apart of Xenarch, and one day possibly completely merge the two networks together. We have done small updates to the server and staff so far, but once we're done we'll have revamped the whole network and revamped the whole staff team and how they do their jobs, basically switching over to Ingots staff system. Trust me, once we're done you won't disappointed. So please, stay tuned, we should be done soon!

Well anyway, some of you have no idea who I am, well, to introduce myself, I am Nate, or ObeyMe, The Ingot Networks Head Administrator brought here to work and revamp Xenarch for you guys, and to merge the...
Congratulations to...


We will be choosing another batch of helpers next week on Friday. All applications that have been received weren't denied, but pending. You do not need to re-apply if you already applied unless your application said "Rejected".
I have been taking notes and suggestions to better improve our KitPvP. I'm glad to announce that there will be a new KitPvP update this weekend. We will be better improving in big and small ways, and here's what they are.

- Brand new way to 1v1 someone /duel.

- Better and improved kits.

- Crate Keys.

- New daily challenges to earn extra money, even keys.

- Brand new anti-cheat system.

- Better warps to fight at.

This was just a small portion of what to expect. Also lots of back end things to improve server tps. Please remember when this does role out there may be bugs/glitches. Please report those all here http://goo.gl/bcBbwc. Thanks everyone and I hope you guys are getting excited for this update.
Hello friends,

Today's the big day that 99% of all of you guys are waiting for. Today is Friday and I will announce our new batch of staff and celebrate with a drop party at 4:00PM PST or 7:00PM EST. I have chosen 6 helpers from all of our application pool.

Skywars has been removed from the network to revamp the entire game-mode. I am happy to announce that Skywars will come back to Xenarch on Saturday.

Kitpvp has also been revamped with Crates, Vote Crates, and much more to be announced.

I highly recommend that everybody shows up at the events. We will have drop-parties and tournaments for prize money/ranks.

Hope to see you all there,
Hello Friends,

For these last couple of days, we have seen many bugs & glitches present on all the realms and our team is doing the best we can to locate these errors and fix them immediately. Please do your best to report any bugs/glitches onto the forum or the staff-team under the realm threads.

Second of all, I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for continuing to stay on our network and building up our community. I am happy to tell everyone that you are a significant part of our community. What I'm striving for on this network is to build a giant community of players.

Some of you guys may not know this, but speaking of community; we actually have community events held every Friday at 7:00PM EST or 4:00PM PST. If you are unsure about your timezone, feel free to use this converter over here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html. There will be drop parties, PvP events, and more further down the line...

Very soon, I will be utilizing the power of social media to bring out these updates on YouTube/Twitter/Instagram. I think you would all enjoy hearing the sweet sound of my voice than these lines of texts anyways...

*Just so you guys know, Elphnt is only my temporary username. I will be changing it to Devian once I retain it back from Mojang.
Hello Xenarch,

I'm your new community manager! I will be taking care of the community, and providing you with frequent updates, competitions and giveaways! My aim is to bond the Xenarch community, and really build on what an amazing network we have.

I have been a part of the Minecraft scene since late 2012, and worked on servers since early 2013. I really look forward to getting to know you all! Feel free to post any suggestions you have for giveaways/events/competitions below!


We have done much work these past couple of days and the major updates have finally been placed. I have fixed nearly all the bugs on each server. If you see any more bugs, please notify a staff member immediately.

I have also added the HCF Server and the Skywars Server. They should all be joinable as of this message. Also, I have done a surprise update on Prison with an improved spawn/mechanics.

Website has been re-done and buycraft store has been re-designed all to show off the refresh update.

To celebrate, I have thrown a 25% Sale that will go live right now. Feel free to PM any staff if you have questions.
Hello friends,

It's been quite a while since an update was made and I will now be giving you guys more information as we lean more towards Xenarch's major revamp.

First of all, I am adding two servers to the network this weekend.
Long-awaited HCF will arrive sometime this weekend. It's exciting.
Skywars with our custom-coded plugin will also arrive this weekend.

I would also like to hear about your guys' opinions. What other game-modes would you like to see on our network? If you have ideas, feel free to PM me on the forums any given time.

I have made several, major bug fixes/updates since the last update.

- Added ability to buy spawners
- Added more items to purchase
- [Will Add] Mob Arena
- Fixed the crates and renamed the kits

- Fixed the mute/ban plugins

- Fixed some very minor bugs causing server downtime

This weekend, I will be adding more "secret" features to the network. Stay tuned.
If we have the server under revamp, there will be some down-time so plan accordingly.
Happy After-Christmas,

Today I will be bringing you guys the official update on where Xenarch is in terms of development and release-date. We have been busy updating and fixing bugs on the server. On top of which, we have added numerous feature to the Factions & Prison servers. We are also proud to announce brand new servers in our network. It is confirmed. We are now releasing December 28th, 2015.

Bug Fixes
- fixed faction's urgency to reset every hour (Server was using run.sh instead of start.sh)
- fixed prison's urgency to reset every 2 hours (Server was also using run.sh)
- fixed the ability to warp to every mine in Prison (Permissions error)
- Donor ranks and Prison ranks now work together (Using subgroups now)
- removed hit delay in PvP (Now possible to Combo)
- fixed some shop items that couldn't be bought (Switched over to GUI)
- fixed prison tokens in-game (Token plugin didn't functioned)
- fixed prison's multiplier feature
- You cannot die from jumping out of Hub
- voting now works on Skyblock, Factions, and Prison
- enderchests can now be opened at spawn globally
- fixed raiding and pvp in Factions (Switched to a different .jar)
- Creative spawn now is actually ungriefable
- Plots have been decreased to 150 x 150 in Creative
- fixed prison's annoying spam message when mines are reset
- fixed many other insignificant bugs that affected gameplay

- Factions now uses a GUI Shop (/shop)
- Prison now uses a GUI Shop (/shop)
- Ranks have been renamed (buy.xenarch.net)
- Store has been updated visually
- Now announces globally when you purchase something from the store
- PvP is now enabled outside of Faction spawn
- Prison's scoreboard now shows percentage of the way to your next rank
- Added prestige ranks to Prison!
- Faction now has a scoreboard displaying stats
- Donor Kits have been nerfed
- Global Ranks are now here!...
This is a brief update to update our players when the official release date of XenArch is.

When is the release date?
Saturday, the 19th of December, 2015

What servers do we have?

The servers we have on XenArch are:
  • Survival
  • Factions
  • Skywars
  • Cubecore (PotPvP KitPvp)
  • Prison
  • Skyblock
  • HCF

Post questions down below